You need to hear this guy playing guitar to people driving past his house

A man and his girlfriend were on their way to a hike when they spotted a man playing some crazy guitar outside his house.

Steve Brown pulled over on the side of the busy road in Chester, New Jersey, when he saw a sign for “free metal”, as it’s a music genre both he and his girlfriend are into.

And we’re sure they didn’t regret their decision when they spent a few minutes listening to this guy playing Metallica.

Although they didn’t chat to the mysterious musician, Brown said he smiled and nodded at them – and all without missing a note.

“It was pretty awesome seeing some random shirtless dude in a cape just laying down Metallica riffs,” said Brown. “I don’t even think he cared if anybody stopped or listened; dude seemed like he could’ve sat in his air conditioning and jammed for no one, and would’ve been just as happy.”

Ironically, Brown’s girlfriend first thought he was turning around for the “free metal” sign for of a different reason – Brown owns a junkyard. But we’re guessing the noise soon gave it away.

Brown said he took the video because he knew his friends would get a kick out of it, and since sharing on YouTube, he hasn’t heard from the guitar player – but his video has had hundreds of thousands of views.

Anyone else really want to take some guitar lessons right about now?

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