World Guitar Day 2017: The Guitars That Built Rock’n’Roll

They’re the instruments played by the men and women who built rock’nroll, from Scotty Moore to Sister Rosetta Tharpe, from Ritchie Blackmore to Randy Rhoads… and here are their stories

Where would Jimi Hendrix be without his Stratocaster? Jimmy Page without a Les Paul? Michael Schenker without his iconic Flying V? Can you imagine Angus Young peacock-strutting his way across the world’s stages without his trusty Gibson SG?

Guitars are synonymous with the guitarists who play them; but more than that, they’re synonymous with rock’n’roll itself, an integral part of it’s very fabric. Think of rock’n’roll, you’re thinking of guitars, from Chuck Berry to the Allman Brothers, from The Clash to Van Halen, from Alter Bridge to Avenged Sevenfold.

For World Guitar Day 2017, we’ve gathered together our Guitars That Built Rock’n’Roll series into one handy page. It’s the stories of the world’s great guitars, the companies that made them, and those who payed them.

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