Ween, Of Montreal and Ride among highlights of Day 1 at Music Tastes Good on Saturday – Press Telegram

Music Tastes Good returned for its second year in Long Beach on Saturday. Without its founder, the late Josh Fischel, and with a new location, Marina Green Park taking the place of the downtown streets where the festival debuted in 2016.

But the key things stayed the same. The music remains an eclectic mix of hip sounds, and I’d say the lineup is even stronger this year than last

And the food? Well, I had the mashed potatoes from the Attic on Broadway’s booth and thought I’d died and gone to Heaven 17 so tasty were they. My colleague Richard Guzman has a lot more to say about the cuisine so I’ll get right down to the music that was offered on Saturday, sharing the 8 Things I Enjoyed The Most On Saturday, which starts right about here.

Ween is weird and wonderful

Ween often gets noticed for its oddball and occasionally cheerfully obscene lyrics but the music made by Gene and Dean Ween, the stage names of Aaron Freeman and Mickey Melchiondo, is truly terrific, no joke at all here.

The band was one of Fischel’s all-time favorites so booking them for the festival the year after his death is a fun tribute, though the fervid fans shouting, “Ween! Ween! Ween!” before they arrived on stage, and calling out endless requests throughout the show probably knew nothing of that.

What they did know is that Ween mixes up its sets wildly from night to night so why not shout for your favorites? On the main stage, here known as the Long Beach Stage, Ween played a career-spanning set of 16 or so songs, opening with “Take Me Away” and “The Grobe,” featuring the standout album “Chocolate and Cheese” more than any other record.

By the time they finished, wrapping up a fun set with the animal-centric songs “Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?” and “Fluffy,” I didn’t really mind anymore that one over-excited fan had jumped up and down so much she poured most of her beer on my shoulder.

Of Montreal and ‘Hissing Fauna’

My favorite set of the day came at sunset on the Long Beach Stage when the indie rock band Of Montreal did a full album set of “Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?” which has always been my favorite of their work.

Singer-guitarist Kevin Barnes is a flamboyant performer – he arrived here in a blonde bombshell’s wig, turquoise miniskirt, red tights and stiletto boots – and the music his band makes is equally colorful blending indie with glam, art with psychedelia.

Highlights included the fancifully named mid-album trio of “Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse,” “Gronlandic Edit” and “A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger,” as well as the later track “Bunny Ain’t No Kind Of Rider.”

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