Weekend Pick: Are you ready for the best local rock show of the year? | Music

YAKIMA, Wash. — It’s late in the year, so I feel pretty confident in saying the local rock show of 2018 might be this weekend when Indigo Kidd and Gloom play Yakima Maker Space.

Anyone who reads SCENE regularly knows of my affection for both bands. The former is the best local rock band I’ve seen since I started covering Yakima-area entertainment a decade ago. That they moved to Las Vegas a couple of years ago only makes their semiannual homecoming shows that much more special.

And the latter, our reigning best local rock band, is a quickly evolving emo-pop-whatever outfit that only started taking itself seriously about a year ago.

When they join forces (along with entirely decent Tacoma power-pop trio The Lightweight Champs) Saturday at Yakima Maker Space, you can expect a sweaty, loud, rock ’n’ roll affair. It’s a small enough venue that it might feel a bit like a living room. And as someone who’s seen both bands play local living rooms, I assure you that’s a good way for it to feel.

They both thrive in intimate settings because both bands are very much “of the scene.” That is, they both tend to disregard the distinction between band and audience and just treat shows like everyone’s at the same party.

That’s not to say that their shows are ramshackle affairs. Both Indigo Kidd and Gloom have enough stage presence — largely owing to the charisma of their frontmen, Eli Curtsinger and Tim Switzer, respectively — that they’re never in danger of losing the audience.

It’s been fun watching that develop for Indigo Kidd, whose members were barely out of high school when they started really making noise locally. They were always good at rock ’n’ roll, but now they command the stage (and the room) with a sure-handedness that speaks to the experience they’ve gained gigging around Vegas and touring over the past few years.

You take THAT and tack on the best band Yakima’s got going these days: Best local rock show of the year.

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