Gone are the days when lovebirds met at the library to discuss novels and poems in the pretext of expressing their affection. Those tete-a-tetes that developed into rendezvous that build bonds of passion.

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Reminiscing about the days when sugar coated tongues hooked up with campus ladies is now a Throwback.The “sweet nonsense” words don’t work nowadays.The wind of change has blown.The box guitar, skate shoes, and a bike is the perfect enticement.Madam, you won’t help to fall in love, Won’t you?

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The guitar’s strings resonate with mistariz.The lad straps it on his bosom flanked by a bevy of beauties, with the former strumming employing the adeptness of Rumba legendary guitarist, Franco Makiadi.

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The fascinated chic is humming a Rn B song, engaging the explicit and shrill voice of Papa Wemba.Sister, are Singing or flirting? Having a command of the strings is a carte blanche of ladies at your beck and call.

The charm in the skate shoe is irresistible and snaring. Skate shoes connotes love. It’s second to flying.Indeed, If heavenly angels fly, then earthly chics skate. Nevertheless, ladies don’t take chances in skating. Teeth aren’t perennial.

A bike is a seductive asset. This time a Mountain Bike, not that Black Mamba we use to freight maize to the posho mill.I would recommend a bike for body fitness. It reduces belly fat. As you crisscross the avenues, rest assured that you will meet that chic who starts a wooing for a ride and begging for your tens. Do you need a rocket scientist to apprehend that she has knocked somebody off their pedestal?

The campus-babe, you’ve now set the bar very high for your male counterparts. I beseech you eat the humble pie. We got guitar -diggers, skating-maniacs, and bike-enthusiasts. I rest my case.

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