Trailers From Hell rocks out with week of music movies

There aren’t many directors who can claim the rock music bona fides of filmmaker Allan Arkush, who in the late ’60s worked as an usher at New York’s legendary Fillmore East venue and then put The Ramones on the big screen in his 1979 cult classic Rock ‘n’ Roll High School.

Now, Joe Dante’s essential-for-film-fans website Trailers From Hell is showcasing Arkush’s knowledge of, and love for, all things rock with a week of commentaries on Oliver Stone’s Lizard King biopic The Doors, rock documentary Festival Express, and the John Cusack-starring comedy High Fidelity.

“The real heart of this movie is the way it explains the workings of its true topic — immature, child-men,” says Arkush of the latter. But also? “There a hundreds of cool music cues and thousands of arcane rock’n’roll references, for music geeks like me.”

Watch Arkush talk more about High Fidelity in the TFH trailer above.

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