This Week’s Icelandic Music | Rock & Roll

December is rolling in and soon every public place, your favourite radio stations, and Spotify playlists will repeatedly overplay Christmas music that is bound to kill all your festive vibes.

In an attempt to postpone that feeling of frustration and boredom from hearing the same overly cheery songs over and over again, we’ve comprised a list of our favourite Icelandic rock music. You won’t find any jingle bells or white Christmases here, but instead, everything from the 60 ’s hippies in Flowers to the 2018 Grammy-nominated blues/rock band Kaleo.

We’ve included both some lesser known Icelandic bands, in the hopes you will discover something completely new, as well as the country’s best-known artists.

Björk fans, for example, might recognise her voice in Tappi Tíkarrass’ Itty ebni and, of course, Sugarcube’s Luftgitar and Birthday, and Eurovision lovers might remember the name Eiríkur Hauksson who has more of a history with the Song Contest than most heavy metal vocalists can claim.

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And speaking of heavy metal, you will not only find one of Iceland’s most successful metal export, Sólstafir, on the list but also Guide to Iceland Now’s favourites, Brain Police and HAM—the latter of which has Iceland’s former health minister, Óttarr Proppé, as a lead singer.

Don’t worry, this is a mixture of rock music, so you will also find some softer tunes including the melancholic melody, Salt, from Mammút and the 1984 classic Þúsund sinnum segðu já from the legendary band Grafík.

Rock out this weekend and let your head bang along to some hardcore and heavy Icelandic tunes with this week’s Guide to Iceland Now playlist.

Do you have a favourite Icelandic rock band? Is there anything missing from the Playlist that you think should be on there? Did you know there’s a Rock ‘n’ Roll museum right by the International Airport in Keflavík? Buy your ticket here!

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