‘The Roundhouse Rocker’ handmade guitar raffle benefits Cleveland railroad history

CLEVELAND, Ohio – – How would you like to own a one-of-a-kind electric guitar that rocks the roof, and preserves a part of Cleveland history?

Well, here’s your chance, and the roof part is literal.

The Cleveland-based Midwest Railway Preservation Society (MRPS) is raffling off a guitar with a very cool name: “The Roundhouse Rocker.”

The handmade instrument features a body made from a joist from the roof of the historic B&O Roundhouse, which was built at the turn of the century to accommodate Cleveland’s expansive rail service. This old growth, dense, closely grained wood gives the guitar not only a unique look and finish, but incredibly superior sustain and tone, according to a MRPS release.

This Tele-style also features a solid maple, truss-rod adjustable neck, Seymour Duncan humbucking pick-up in the chrome bridge position, a Vintage Lip-Stick Tube pick-up in the neck position, chrome switch plate and knobs and three-position selector switch.

The guitar was built by MRPS volunteer Sid Workman of Swamp Road Guitar Company.

Auction tickets, $25, are available at midwestrailway.org Or, by visiting the Roundhouse at 2800 W. 3rd St., Cleveland, OH 44113. Hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday, closed Sunday. The number is 216-781-3629.

“What we’re trying to do is raise $5,000 to help restore the Roundhouse, which was built in 1906 and opened in 1907,” said MRPS spokesman Steve Korpos. “It’s the only roundhouse in Cleveland that’s still active and we’ve being doing all sorts of railroad work on it.”

Only 200 tickets will be sold. The drawing is September 9, 2017. Winner need not be present.

The MRPS’s Facebook page is at facebook.com/MidwestRailwayPreservationSociety.

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