The Power of Rock: See how Rock Hall is changing up its exhibits to help you feel the music

CLEVELAND- It’s the power of rock through ceiling-high speakers and sound that rattles your bones.

Rock and Roll got its name because it rocked and rolled you. And it’s that experience that the Rock Hall wants to capture in its big new exhibit: the Power of Rock.

“The doors open. You enter the show; you hear the sounds of the arena getting ready and you sit down and the sense of anticipation is there and then bam, the concert’s on,” Rock Hall CEO Greg Harris said at Thursday’s media sneak peek.

The centerpiece of the exhibit is a concert film produced by Oscar-winning director Jonathan Demme.

It’s a collection of top moments from more than 30 years of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies: Blues, reggae, country, rap, rock; it’s all there.

This is about more than just doing something new. Exhibit designer Christian Lachel says it’s about taking music out of the headphones and putting it in your face.

“We have to do something that’s powerful, meets the audience where they’re at, takes them on a journey and gives them something they cannot do at home,” he said.

But the experience isn’t just in the theater; everything from the walk in to the walk out is to make you feel like you just scored tickets to something big.

You get to see the clothes that some of the artists wore and at the end you have the opportunity to step up to the mike and share your own concert memories in a special video booth sponsored by PNC Bank.

With its new exhibits and new café, the Rock Hall, like musicians, are trying to make sure they stay relevant as music, and the people who love it, change.

“The idea is: how do you create experiences that can envelop people in the music and be something you can’t replicate anywhere else? And that’s what we’re doing with our museum– whether it’s a live band on stage a great theater like this or having iconic artifacts,” Harris said.

The Power of Rock opens to the public this Saturday. It’s just in time for what is the busiest month at the Rock Hall.

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