‘The Ferryman’ on Broadway and ‘School of Rock’ National Tour Need Young Talent + More Gigs for Kids and Teens

Photo Source: Matthew Murphy

This month, there are opportunities for young talent from infants to teens across the country on stage and screen. A promotional video for a new skateboard-scooter combination is casting kids with skateboarding skills. A series is casting young talent that is comfortable in front of a camera. A Broadway show, “The Ferryman,” is seeking infants to appear in the show. Plus, musical kids are wanted to join the national tour of Broadway show “School of Rock” and more opportunities!

A Broadway production of “The Ferryman,” written by Jez Butterworth and directed by Sam Mendes, is casting an infant to appear in the show. The production is casting male or female Caucasian babies who are at least six months old for immediate work. Babies younger than six months will be considered for future replacement. Babies must not yet be crawling, have a valid work permit, and be present with a parent or guardian for four shows per week. The job pays $1,017 per week. Performances are ongoing at the Jacobs Theatre in New York City. Travel and accommodation are not provided. Apply here!

The current national tour of “School of Rock” is seeking future replacements. The Andrew Lloyd Webber musical is based on the Richard Linklater film starring Jack Black. It features a wannabe rock star stealing his roommate’s substitute teaching job. He then recruits his students to back him for a battle of the bands. He ends up teaching his students how to play rock music, and also a little bit about teamwork and ambition. The show is casting a young female actor of color, aged 8–12, to play Tomika. Actors should be under 5’ tall and have a strong rock and gospel singing voice. The show is also seeking replacements for the kids’ band. Casting is for male and female talent, aged 8–12, with musical skills. Boys must play guitar, piano, and/or drums. Girls must play bass guitar and/or drums. Actors will be signed to an Equity SETA contract. An open casting call is scheduled for Dec. 8 in New York City. Apply here!

An interactive app, InVidMe, is seeking young talent to create content, including promotional materials. The app is looking for talent nationwide. Kids, aged 5–12, are wanted for the app promo videos. Talentwill react to selected characters from the app, creating promotional media to appear in the program. Auditions will be held remotely through the end of the year. Selected candidates will be paid per video, up to $3,000, and compensated for any travel. Apply here!

Music video “Departure/Calypso” follows Rosalyn as she tries to sustain a meaningful relationship in the present, despite being haunted by a past full of family trauma. The production is casting female talent, aged 8–12, to play a young Rosalyn. Performers must have strong skill in and a love of dance, as the character deals with stress through dancing. Auditions will take place on Dec. 9 and shooting takes place in January in Austin, Texas. Performers will be paid $100 and provided meals. Apply here!

A promotional video for a new product, a skateboard-scooter combo, from RollPlay needs talent. The production is casting the leading role of Skoot Kid for a young male actor, aged 10–15. Additionally, three background actors are also needed to play skaters. Male talent, aged 10–15, is also wanted for these roles. All talent must be able to skateboard and must send in a video demonstrating skating proficiency. Shooting takes place in Chicago, Illinois and talent will be paid $500 per day. The production retains usage rights in perpetuity. Apply here!

A series of online videos, HiHo Kids, is casting roles for kids. The series is looking for young talent that is comfortable portraying their unique personality on camera. The production is casting male and female talent, aged 4–15. Rehearsals and performances are ongoing in Seattle, Washington. Talent will be compensated. Apply here!

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