Son gets new guitar from late father for his 16th birthday – News

Nearly all of us can think of our favorite birthday present growing up, but nothing can compare to the birthday surprise Johnny got for his sixteenth birthday.

Check out the video below!

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Johnny’s father unfortunately passed away two months before his sixteenth birthday due to a sudden heart attack, but that didn’t stop him from having one last surprise for his son. The video starts with Johnny reading the birthday card and it’s clear that the death of his father is still affecting him.

After reading the card, the employees of Port Huron Music Center pull out the birthday surprise from his late father. Considering Johnny is wearing a Toxic Holocaust shirt in the video, it’s clear he’s a metalhead which is why we know he’s going to love the Dean guitar that his father surprised him with.

Check out the video below.

After the video went viral on Reddit receiving several thousand upvotes, it was noticed by quite a few people including Alice Cooper’s guitarist Nita Strauss.

The owner of Port Huron Music Center also came forward to reveal how much money has been raised for Johnny, thanks to the donations of some very generous Redditors.

It’s clear that Johnny is never going to forget this birthday surprise and we hope we can see him shredding on his new Dean guitar soon.

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