Slot Games for Metal and Rock Music Fans Are a Thing in 2018

You may know that music hasn’t always been part of slot games. But with sounds, the gaming experience has definitely gone to a whole new level of fun. For that reason, today, almost every slot machine has its own music, i.e., soundtrack. What’s more, a few sites even have video slot games based on popular bands and musicians.

Player’s Fun Comes First

Online casinos have tons of slot games inspired by popular culture. For example, you may find a slot game based on a very famous movie, sport, celebrity, or classic character. In general, there is something for everyone. Having different types of slot games is one of the critical factors to make sure the players are having fun. That, and of course having a license to operate in a given region. When talking about U.S. sites, there are some online casinos with an NJ license that offer a wide range of games. This makes them a desirable choice for players.

Three Popular Metal and Rock-themed Video Slots

One music-themed game won’t appeal to all music fans – that’s for sure. And that’s expected since there are plenty of different types of music. So, are there some slots machines for those loud music lovers to play? Let’s talk about that for a second.

Even though the choice is tight, some popular slots can appeal to rock n roll and metal fans. Inspired by famous music icons and bands, these games are very appealing to fans of this music genre. Here’s what they’re all about.

Guns N’ Roses

Inspired by the band’s 30th birthday, the Guns N’ Roses video slot became first available in early 2016. Net Entertainment Software made this slot in affiliation with the Bravado International Group. And as the name suggests, the theme of this game is about one of the most legendary rock bands of all time, Guns N’ Roses.

You can actually play on a live stage and enjoy with the cheering crowd once you spin the reels. This means that you would have a pretty unique rock and online gaming experience. Listening to your favorite band’s most popular hits while playing is something else.

Jimi Hendrix

NetEnt made the Jimi Hendrix slot available only three months after the release of their Guns N’ Roses slot in 2016. And as the name suggests, it’s a Hendrix music-themed slot for all fans that enjoy his songs. The slot itself has impressive graphics effects that are very appealing to players. You get the chance to rock together with one of the most iconic guitar players in the world. Or, to be more precise, a 3D model of him. As you make spins, many exclusive features can bring you rewards.


The Motorhead slot is the last and the most popular one in NetEnt’s rock trilogy. Released in the same year in September, this slot brought yet another epic band into the mix. Based on Motorhead, this game will amuse and astonish many heavy metal music fans.

The game has five reels and 76 pay lines which have free spins and many other bonuses for players. It depicts a stage with amplifiers and speakers surrounding the reels. Plus, by a simple press on the “Rock Mode” button, players can go extra wild. The wild symbol has the name “Ace of Spades,” which is the band’s most famous song.

In summary, all these music-themed slot games are quite popular among metal and rock fans. And after a few years in the market, we can say that they’re getting more recognition. You’ll find these slots quite common in online sites as a suggested or a popular choice. That’s why it wouldn’t be surprising if we hear about a new slot of this kind sometime soon.

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