Shred For Bread: Guitar “Shred-Off” winner takes home $1,666 – Music

Guitar “Shred-Off” winner takes home $1,666

At the climax of 1986 film Crossroads, Ralph Macchio engages in a heated guitar duel orchestrated by the Devil himself in hopes of winning back the soul of elderly bluesman Willie Brown. The Karate Kid’s shreddy blues prove too hot for his challenger, Steve Vai, who collapses to the ground while trying to bend a note on the 24th fret of high E.

Come Oct. 21 at Mohawk, the First Annual Texas Shred-Off will make that scene look like a couple goons dicking around in the amp room of Guitar Center.

The debut event will pit 16 guitarists in head-to-head death matches. Through a series of elimination rounds, each with its own unique variables, celebrity judges will vote on aesthetics, technique, etc. That panel: Sword guitarist Kyle Shutt, Austin metal authority Chuck Loesch of No Control Radio, Texas shred deity Rusty Cooley, KUTX’s Laurie Gallardo, and Riverboat Gamblers/Drakulas singer Mike Wiebe.

The winner takes home $1,666, second place nets $666, and third place gets beginner guitar lessons and $6.66… in pennies! Shred-Off, hosted by Thor Harris (as the Devil) and Erica Nix (God), was cooked up by the minds behind the Museum of Human Achievement and Fusebox. “Playback,” Loesch, and Shutt served as advisers, while the Chronicle is the official media sponsor.

So, you think your pick sweeps, dive bombs, pinch harmonics, and tap solos are rippin’ enough to compete? Do you sleep with one hand on your whammy bar? We’re calling all Dimebags, Yngwies, and Satrianis to apply.

Enter by filling out this short form and include a video of you shredding almighty hell. We’ll view all the videos and select the 16 most worthy competitors. And no loop pedals!


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  1. Tennyson says:

    Nice! Crossroads was my favorite when I was a kid. It inspired me to pick up Paganini’s 5th Caprice; which I think was my first, real exposure to neoclassical guitar playing. Were the results for this contest ever posted?

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