Shock Rock Albums, Painful Tattoos, And Relevance [Opinion]

Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp recently got huge, painful, matching tattoos on their backs. The Alice Cooper-inspired shock rocker was in pain both physically and emotionally during a recent interview.

Marilyn Manson talked about Johnny Depp, his new album Heaven Upside Down, and his shock rock image. Marilyn Manson defined his role as a shock rocker to Billboard.

“My job is to be chaos in the world, not to solve problems. I’m a tornado.”

Johnny Depp’s other friend Alice Cooper likewise had a recent interview with the Metro Times. Alice Cooper reminisced about how he invented the shock rock genre Marilyn Manson is also known for.

“We were playing every weekend with Iggy and the Stooges, and the MC5; all the high-energy rock ‘n’ roll bands because that’s what we were. I tried to be my version of Mick Jagger. He was the guy that invented the whole idea of breaking away from the band and becoming this charismatic character.”

Alice Cooper, though, was far different than Mick Jagger. Alice was more theatrical, scary, and controversial. Alice Cooper’s horror-themed music and videos inspired artists like Marilyn Manson to take the genre further if they dared, and yes, Marilyn Manson dared take shock rock even further than Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osbourne.

Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry will be going into the recording studio soon to record a new Hollywood Vampires album. Unlike their previous album, there will be no cover tunes, only authentic and original music written by Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, and Joe Perry.

Alice Cooper’s album Paranormal came out in July. Marilyn Manson’s Heaven Upside Down is scheduled for release on October 6. The Hollywood Vampires album with Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, and Joe Perry could be released as soon as next spring.

Alice Cooper told the Metro Times how he feels about the upcoming tours, both with his own band and with Joe Perry and Johnny Depp as Hollywood Vampires.

“Guys like Ozzy, myself, Rod Stewart, and Mick Jagger — we’re lifers. We started when we were 15 and we will not finish until we’re gone; that’s why I chose this as my life. There’s a big difference between having to tour and wanting to tour.”

Johnny Depp and Joe Perry also love to tour. For Johnny Depp, rock ‘n’ roll success has been a long time coming. Johnny Depp came to Hollywood to become a rock star, but somehow Johnny’s music got hijacked for a while by Depp’s iconic acting career.

Marilyn Manson was not in a good place during his Billboard Interview. Marilyn Manson’s back was sore from the inking of the Flowers of Evil book cover. Flowers of Evil is a book of poems by Charles Baudelaire. The artwork features a skeleton melded into the branches of a tree.

Johnny Depp must likewise be feeling the pain since Johnny got the same tattoo as his friend Marilyn. Johnny Depp and Marilyn Manson are very dear friends, and Alice Cooper is Johnny Depp’s bandmate. Manson has performed with Hollywood Vampires so these musicians are all close.

Marilyn Manson is still grieving the recent loss of his father in addition to the physical pain he felt on the day of the interview. Perhaps that’s why Marilyn Manson opened up so uncharacteristically to Billboard.

“All the scars — musical, physical, mental, emotional — they’re what define you. If you’re going to take on the world, which I’ve done, it takes a lot of backbone — more than people think. I’m not bragging about it, but it does weigh on you.”

Alice Cooper performing on stage. [Image by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]

Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry know the pain that comes with rock and roll all too well. Hollywood Vampires is a tribute band for the fallen heroes of rock. Few realize the hardships of being a rock star. It can be physically exhausting, emotionally draining, and artistically painful, but for guys like Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, and Marilyn Manson, it’s a way of life.

Alice Cooper would be the first to say being a rocker isn’t easy at times. After all, it was Alice Cooper who created Hollywood Vampires.

Alice Cooper invented the whole shock rock genre, which Marilyn Manson eventually joined. Johnny Depp has struggled since his teens for a place in rock music, though he is a successful actor. Getting recognition as a guitarist isn’t easy.

Marilyn Manson has recently struggled to hold on to his own hard-earned reputation and recently got a disrespected by Justin Bieber. Marilyn Manson described the situation to Billboard.

Marilyn Manson said Bieber had shirts made with his own name and Marilyn Manson’s face on them, which anyone would know was illegal without very specific written permission. Manson told Billboard he had an altercation with Bieber.

“[Justin Bieber] was wearing my shirt onstage, not in a Lil Uzi way. I ran into him in some fancy bar where a lot of celebrities — a word that I despise — go. I saw a little girl in a pink hoodie with blond hair, and it turns out to be Bieber. I sit down, and I say, ‘Hey, so you wore my shirt and everything onstage.’ He was one of those touchy people that hit you when they talk… Then he goes, ‘I made you relevant again.’”


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Apparently, Bieber is still living. He didn’t just burst into flames from Marilyn Manson’s fiery gaze. Maybe it’s a good thing Alice Cooper wasn’t there, but what kind of arrogance does it take to say something like that to a rock icon? Marilyn Manson decided to seek monetary compensation for the shirts.

“It was nice though that I didn’t have to sue his company for making the shirts that he wore with his name and my face on it. They were very much like, ‘We know we’re wrong here; just take as many dollars as you want.’… but wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t said, ‘I made you relevant again.’”

Maybe Johnny Depp should take Marilyn Manson to visit his money managers, TMG? At least Marilyn Manson got financially compensated.

Hollywood Vampires wiith Johnny Depp Alice Cooper and Joe Perry
Hollywood Vampires with Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry. [Image by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP Images]

Alice Cooper revealed to the Metro Times he had the pleasure of introducing shock rock to the icons of a bygone era. Alice Cooper was admired by Mae West, Groucho Marx, Andy Warhol, Frank Zappa and Salvador Dali, names that are still relevant, long past their own physical demise.

“Groucho Marx came to see the show and he says it’s vaudeville. Dali saw it, he said it was surrealism. Everybody had a different take on what we were doing.”

Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, and Johnny Depp are rock stars. Alice Cooper forged an entire genre of rock, commonly called Shock Rock. Ozzy Osbourne also fits into this category. Marilyn Manson and Johnny Depp, though younger, are still very much a part of rock music as well.

Marilyn Manson told Billboard he will be hanging onto his rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.

“The rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle isn’t dead — you just have to be good at it. You’ve got to be professional if you want to be a rock star. I think there have been times in my life where I wasn’t as good as I should be. And I have to say, I want to make a comeback. This record was completely going back to my roots… it has the fire.”

Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, Marilyn Manson, and Ozzy Osbourne will be rockers to the end, and that’s about as relevant as it gets.

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