School of Rock sticks it to the man in Broadway musical coming to Durham

If you’ve ever wanted to stick it to the man in a rock ’n’ roll way, “School of Rock: The Musical” has got you.

“School of Rock” is the musical based on the Jack Black movie about a failed musician who passes himself off as a substitute teacher and forms a rock band with students at a fancy prep school. It’s playing on Broadway at the Winter Garden Theatre and is coming to the Durham Performing Arts Center on tour the week after Thanksgiving.

The best part of the production in New York hands down is the kid musicians, who are all playing those instruments for real, not just as their characters. Electric guitar, bass guitar, drums and keyboards are all played with rock ’n’ roll fervor. The greatest song of the show is of course, “Stick It To the Man.”

While the actors are about late elementary and middle school age, there is some language in the show that parents might not want younger kids to hear. On Broadway, Justin Collette as Dewey in three performances a week embodies the wacky humor of Jack Black. Dewey teaches the kids how to rock out on their instruments as well as break out of the roles their parents want them to be.

“School of Rock” is a funny, fast show that is a rocking addition to the upcoming DPAC season.

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