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This week’s Band of the Week isn’t so much about a band, but a group of bands … rock bands that is. Specifically, young rock bands made up of kids from School of Rock, a chain of music schools that groom kids to be the next Axl Rose or Keith Moon, and provide the bands who perform onstage at Morey’s Adventure Pier in Wildwood throughout the summer.

The School of Rock concert series has been an annual summer tradition in Wildwood since 2013. In that time period more than 100 shows have been performed by students from Schools of Rock all around the world.

Maybe nostalgia is to blame. You know — that sturdy pair of rose-colored glasses we all seem…

“We have 25 different School of Rock locations performing this summer from as far as Australia and as close as Philly,” says Michael Morpurgo, an owner of three local Schools of Rock whose production company Isle of Wild is in charge of summer concerts for Morey’s Piers.

For most kids, spending the summer touring as a rock band would be a dream come true. Morpugo makes that dream a reality.

“Most School of Rock bands play two days and many are traveling together as a mini tour,” he says.

Rock being a rather broad genre of music, this program begs the question: just what kind of music do these kids play?

“Most of the School of Rock shows are classic rock,” says Morpurgo. “They play everything from AC/DC to The Beatles to Led Zeppelin. While those may sound like some of the biggest shoes in the world to fill, if anyone is bold enough to try it, it’s a group of young, fearless kids.”

Jim Belushi and some of his funniest friends are coming to the Boardwalk of Atlantic City wi…

And what’s one thing the kids can deliver that just about zero major classic rock acts can? A reasonable ticket price. How reasonable? How about free? Yeah, even the cheapest folks among us can afford that.

Head down to the boardwalk and get ready to rock.

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