SA Music Showcase: Indie Rock at The Mix

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The term “indie rock,” much maligned these past several years, has been used to describe so many different sounds and bands as to have been practically rendered useless. When we use it in the case of this particular showcase, we’re trying to indicate bands that would have sounded right at home in the college radio milieu during the first decade of this millennium.

The bands on this bill make music that is, for one, not easy to classify into one particular genre. Of course, there’s something of a rock grounding to all of them, but from that basic foundation, each of these acts digresses into distinct territory. That this showcase will occur at The Mix, long a mainstay for local shows of all manner, seems fitting.

Deer Vibes, probably the most recognizable band on the list for followers of local music, is the primary musical vehicle of gifted singer-songwriter/bandleader Michael Carrillo (you might know him as Mikey Vibe).

The band’s sound, like its personnel and formations, takes different shapes from show to show, Carrillo blessed/cursed with the monumental task of corralling sometimes as many as 13 band members. That being said, Deer Vibes’ performances, at least in part due to Carrillo’s talent and easy poise, are always memorable. This show, and Deer Vibes’ music in general (check out to hear), is highly recommended for fans of emotive, intricate, orchestral-leaning (almost cinematic) indie rock.

Joining Deer Vibes on this bill are Macho Peach, offering up glossy yet gritty pop-rock, Extent, playing its experimental and ambient take on progressive rock, and Granite Hands, bringing its singular instrumental sound that melds jazz and math rock to knotty and satisfying effect.

$5-$10, 9pm, Saturday, September 30, The Mix, 2423 N. St. Mary’s St., (210) 735-1313, For more information and to purchase wristbands visit

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