Rock & Roll music camp in Escanaba

ESCANABA, Mich. (MICH) – Loud Rock & Roll music has been pouring out of Escanaba’s First Presbyterian Church since Monday. And while that might seem out of place to some, the people making that music feel right at home.

Lorne Watson is an Escanaba percussionist who is launching Escanaba’s first Rock & Roll summer band camp.

“Since it’s the first year and I couldn’t think of anything clever it’s just the Escanaba summer music camp, which is exactly what it is. It’s in Escanaba. It’ s in in the summer. It’s music and it’s a camp”

Watson is putting the camp on in cooperation with the William Bonifas Fine Arts Center. The camp has 15 students in attendance.

The idea is to give young musicians a chance to keep busy over summer, meet other young musicians and let their rock flags fly.

“Bring them in. they’re already playing their instruments and get them to know each other and hang out for a whole day to play music. And they play the music that they chose.”

Another important aspect of the program is to try and get the musicians to play new instruments and expand their abilities.

Mike McGaffigan is a drummer by trade who is playing the guitar in camp.

“You get to choose what instrument you want to do and it’s kind of like your option because we pick the songs.”

Elizabeth Brandel is a cellist who is giving the electric bass a go this week.

“I really like it because I wanted to play the guitar when I was younger but then I switched to other instruments.”

The overall goal of the project is to start a music camp that will take place in Escanaba year after year but the goal for this week is to get ready for a performance.

The Rock Campers will be putting on a free concert this Friday at 4pm at Bobaloon’s Cafe, located at the corner of Ludington and Stephenson in Escanaba.

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