Rock Music No Longer the Most Popular Genre in the USA

As reported by the Forbes, Nielsen Music reveals that the rock music is now not the most popular musical genre in the United States. It is the first time after they started measuring the overall music consumption back in 1991.

They have used the tracking data gathered from this year’s first half, and apparently hip hop and R&B now have topped the long reign of rock music, and these genres now have 25.1% of the market share, with rock music being the second with 23%.

But don’t be desperate, since things are not that grim. Rock music is still at the top of the overall album sales, and 40% album sales in the U.S. are from our favorite genre. This new dominance of Hip hop and R&B is mostly due to streaming, with having 29% share of entire on-demand streaming in the States.

(via ThePRP)

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