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This week, I’m dipping into the Rock Candy mailbag to answer questions from readers.

The last couple concerts outdoors at The Waiting Room were incredibly loud. I hope it doesn’t presage a summer of my toddlers being woken up because death metal is being played half a mile away. — Dan from Omaha

I heard from multiple people that the volume level at a pair of concerts over Memorial Day weekend was, to put it lightly, impressive.

Some on social media said it was loud enough to be heard clearly from several blocks away. From inside their houses. With all the doors and windows closed.

Pete Festersen heard it, too. And the city councilman, who represents Benson, heard the complaints.

“Most complaints I received were very reasonable,” he told me. “They support the music scene in Benson and outdoor activities, but these were just way too loud.”

This summer, four more concerts are set for the same space outside The Waiting Room Lounge and Reverb Lounge on a small stretch of Military Avenue in downtown Benson.

The previous two concerts were EDM and heavy metal, probably the two loudest genres of music. Upcoming rock, folk and indie rock shows (see below) shouldn’t be as loud.

The owners of The Waiting Room sat down with Festersen, and they all agreed the upcoming shows will be different.

Does the “driver picks the music” rule always apply no matter the ages, the distance or the number of passengers? — Tre from Omaha

The driver gets to pick the music. The driver is doing the work, so the driver gets the satisfaction of listening to whatever he or she pleases.

If someone else wants to listen to whatever they want, they can take the wheel and chauffeur everyone else.

But here’s the caveat: If you want to keep the peace, you can and should spread the love.

This is especially true on long drives and if you have, like you said, a variety of interests in the car.

On a road trip to Denver, the experience will be a little more tolerable if you let everyone have a turn. Spread the love around the car, and let everyone take a turn playing what they like.

Your biggest problem is kids. Kids pick bad music, and they want to hear the same stuff repeatedly. My son is in a phase where he constantly wants to listen to “We Will Rock You” by Queen. I love that song, but I’ve heard it about 200 times in the last few weeks.

That said, the driver always has veto power. Don’t like someone playing “The Final Countdown” or “All About That Bass” or anything EDM while you drive?

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