Rob Trujillo: That Time in ’93 I Got Into a Fight With Bandmate Onstage While Metallica Was Playing


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Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo revealed he wasn’t always a chill dude he is today, telling Driver (transcribed by UG):

“Musicians can be complicated; that craziness is also what makes them special.

“That’s kinda how it’s evolved for me – I just realized in any band I’ve ever been in, I always had to sort of balance that energy and try to make it work with the team I’m working with; make the best music possible and create a balanced environment.

“When I first started doing this with Suicidal Tendencies [in 1989], I wasn’t as balanced.

“I was a loose cannon and there were some fights that could have gone really, really bad.

“There was even a fight onstage with Metallica, with my guitar player Rocky. We were best friends! Twice we got into these brawls and once was onstage during a Metallica set.

“We were touring with them in 1993, I body-slammed him and almost knocked down Hetfield’s guitars. And they were playing!

“The crew at the time was getting a kick out of it, ’cause that’s where they were at. [Laughs] ‘Oh yeah, cool! A brawl on stage!’

“But it’s one thing when you’re 25 and another thing when you get older. Those incidents just don’t work anymore…”

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