Ritchie Blackmore: What I Don’t Like About Rock Music


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Ritchie Blackmore discussed rock music with Rock N’ Roll Reporter, saying:

“I must admit that my main interest in music kind and consists of old music of the Renaissance or the Middle Ages.

“I think this style is more honest than rock.

“Rock music is often made to earn money, be played on the radio, and be represented in the charts.”

During the rest of the chat, Ritchie compared playing rock shows to playing concerts with Blackmore’s Night, saying:

“A Blackmore’s Night show is much more intimate and of course includes many old instruments such as mandolins, shawls, and hulks.

“Sometimes we play four hours and meet audience wishes. The whole show is more based on a party atmosphere and an acoustic connection, like an organic concert.

“In contrast, the Rainbow shows in bigger halls with more visitors and of course I play 10 times louder than with an acoustic guitar.

“I like both – to have fun with the Stratocaster and also to play the instruments in Renaissance style. I like both styles, whether I play with the fingers or the plectrum at the rock ‘n’ roll shows.”

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