Reigning world air guitar champion wins again

No one can pretend to play the guitar quite like Matt “Airistotle” Burns.

The American is the undefeated title holder of the World Air Guitar Championships, sealing his place for a second year at the event in Oulu, Finland on Friday night.

He thrashed about on stage to a heavy metal version of ‘I will survive’, swinging his hips to whoops from the audience.

Mid-performace of air guitar to ‘I will survive’. EEVA RIIHELA/AFP/Getty Images

Burns, of Staten Island, New York, finished ahead of runners-up Patrick “Ehrwolf” Culek of Germany and Alexander “The Jinja Assassin” of Australia, who tied for second place. Japan’s 15-year-old Show-Show placed third.

He successfully fended off competition from South Korea, Pakistan, Britain, Canada, Sweden and other countries.

The Air Guitar World Championships started off as a joke, but has grown into an annual celebration of guitar-miming chordeographers that draws people from around the world.

It’s now in its 22nd year.

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