Rachel Rosenkrantz Makes Beautiful Handmade Guitars To Order

Erin X. Smithers

Sometimes you have to follow your passions, no matter the cost. It will be scary. It will be hard. But the rewards are vast.

Rachel Rosenkrantz studied architecture and design in Paris and Rhode Island. But she still felt like her life was unfulfilled. Music was her passion. She played in bands after work and on the weekends, but that didn’t feel like enough. As time passed, Rosenkrantz longed for a way to combine her passion for design and creation with her love of music. She started investigating apprenticeships at local luthiers in Rhode Island and soon she was blazing a path towards becoming one of the world’s most unique guitar makers.

Atelier Rosenkrantz guitars, basses, and ukuleles are hand-crafted and uniquely designed instruments that are tailored to one person: You. Rosenkrantz prides herself on never repeating a design. She takes the time to dive deeply into your musical prowess and career to make an instrument that is unparalleled by design, by style, and by sound. Her creations are musical instruments and pieces of art.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Rosenkrantz to talk about following one’s passions in life and creating truly unique musical instruments. Oh, and, also about the joy of geeking out with guitars.

Atelier Rosenkrantz

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