WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.– A Winston-Salem police officer is an internet sensation, for the second time. Officer Charlie Ziegler was caught on camera playing the guitar with a stranger wearing the American flag.

It happened last month at Ruby’s Country Kitchen restaurant on University Parkway. Ziegler spotted the man sitting alone with two guitars and asked if he could play a song.  

“He was a little reluctant to do so, but he handed me one of the guitars and about 30 minutes later, he and I are just best of friends it seems,” said Ziegler.

A woman nearby recorded the unconventional moment on her cell phone video. Weeks later, the Winston-Salem Police Department got a hold of the video and posted it on Twitter. The city posted it on its Facebook page.

Ziegler was an instant hit.

This isn’t the first time the officer went viral. The Winston-Salem Police Department posted a photo of Ziegler back in 2013.

The photo showed the off-duty police officer offering a ride to a mother walking in the freezing rain.

“It was a simple thought. There’s a mom with a baby. Clearly, mom knows it’s cold. The baby is covered in blankets. [I thought] give her a ride,” said Ziegler.

In both cases, Ziegler believed he was just being a nice guy in blue.  

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