Predators fan rocks out by playing air guitar on a toy catfish

Predators fans love catfish, and they love music. What do you get when you put those two things together at the Stanley Cup Final? An old dude shredding some air guitar with a toy catfish to his heart’s content.

Look at the focused joy of this man. His team is winning a huge game, he’s got a big plush catfish, and he knows precisely what to do with it. The only thing missing with this GIF is the actual music that was playing in the background. I wonder what song compelled him to get down.

We’ve talked a lot about Predators fans lately, from the origins of their catfish tradition to their passionate shouting of “IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT” at Matt Murray after he allows a goal to all their celebrity supporters.

Now we have catfish air guitar man, too. THIS is what the Stanley Cup is all about.

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