Pearl Jam Announce “Let’s Play Two” Live Album and Concert Film

In recent weeks, Pearl Jam has been teasing a concert film called Let’s Play Two. The footage from these teasers shows brief clips of the band’s performances at Wrigley Field last August. Now, the band has confirmed the details of Let’s Play Two, a concert film that indeed documents those two performances at one of baseball’s most legendary venues.

The band also announced that an accompanying live album will be made available alongside the film.

The soundtrack will be available September 29, while the film will premiere in select theaters on the same date, before recieving a one-off TV airing in the United States on FS1 on October 13, and arriving on home video on November 17.

You can watch the official trailer for the film, and check out the tracklist for the accompanying soundtrack (which you can preorder here) below.

Let’s Play Two Soundtrack Tracklist

1. Low Light
​2. Better Man
3. Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town
4. Last Exit
5. Lightning Bolt
6. Black Red Yellow
7. Black
8. Corduroy
9. Given to Fly
10. Jeremy
11. Inside Job
12. Go
13. Crazy Mary
14. Release
15. Alive
16. All the Way
17. I’ve Got a Feeling

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