Patti Smith, The Godmother Of Punk Rock, Shares Her ‘Devotion’

The “Godmother of Punk Rock,” Patti Smith, on creativity and invention. She’s with us.

Recording artist Patti Smith performs at a Pre-GRAMMY Gala in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Chris Pizzello/AP)


Patti Smith, Musician, writer and artist known as the “Godmother of Punk Rock.” Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2007. Author of “Devotion.”

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The Washington Post: Patti Smith’s ‘Devotion’ — Equal Parts Exasperating And Inspiring — “What gives the story a ghostly resonance is the way that it picks up on elements that Smith scatters desultorily through the preceding essay: a snatch of an Estonian film, a memory of her father at an ice-skating event, a visit to a French cemetery. Operating in tandem, the two sections provide an organic illustration of how a creative mind transforms impressions and thoughts into art, itself a rare accomplishment, even if the end product is humdrum.”

The New Yorker: My Buddy — “I was far away, standing in the rain before the sleeping lion of Lucerne, a colossal, noble, stoic lion carved from the rock of a low cliff. The rain fell, obscuring tears. I knew that I would see Sam again somewhere in the landscape of dream, but at that moment I imagined I was back in Kentucky, with the rolling fields and the creek that widens into a small river. I pictured Sam’s books lining the shelves, his boots lined against the wall, beneath the window where he would watch the horses grazing by the wooden fence. I pictured myself sitting at the kitchen table, reaching for that tattooed hand.”

Happy: Listen to Patti Smith Read The Collection Of Poetry That Would Become ‘Horses’ In 1975 — “For Smith, before there was rock ‘n’ roll there was poetry and a intense love of literature. As she puts it, she got “sidetracked” by music, and wandered down a path through which she could fuse her love of Rimbaud and the Beats with her adoration for Bob Dylan, Keith Richards and Jim Morrison.”

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