New-Orleans band brings brass circus rock music to the Riverbend Live! stage | News

WINSTON — What was once a group of young performers on the busy streets of New Orleans, the Dirty Bourbon River Show is now bringing its big brass circus rock music to Winston to kick off the 21st Riverbend Live! concert series.

The free show begins 7 p.m., Friday at Winston’s Riverbend Park, the first of free Friday performances scheduled through Aug. 4.

The Dirty Bourbon River Show is known for its circus-oriented theatrics and eclectic music. The musicians draw from a plethora of diverse lyrical backgrounds and synthesize their own original sound. Front man Noah Adams’ gruff, raspy voice and exuberant stage presence capture the essence of the band. 

“Our style and theme are really just a blend of our collective musical backgrounds and weird personal inclinations that’s had a chance to simmer together over years on the road and in the New Orleans music scene,” said Matt Thomas, saxophonist for DBRS. “We incorporate some circusy themes, Latin rhythms, and eclectic stomps of all sorts.”

The band traces its musical roots to a coffee shop in New Orleans, the Neutral Ground Coffee House, where Adams and original drummer, Dane Schindler, first held a jam session in early 2009. Soon after, they were joined by other musicians.

Since the 5-man ensemble began touring the country, they have released 10 studio albums and played over 900 live shows. Their newest album, “The Flying Musical Circus,” was released in 2017.

DBRS emphasizes the importance of originality and creativity within its songs, which fans say translates to the band’s performances.

“A good show always involves an exchange of energy with your audience. I get to do the thing I love most in life, playing music, all while engaging with a group of people that are sharing a very human experience,“ Thomas said.

He added, “It’s exhilarating and addictive!”

As with all Riverbend shows, the public is invited to bring chairs, blankets and refreshments, but no pets. Food vendors will also be on hand.

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