Matty Healy: There is rampant misogyny in rock music | Music

Matty Healy admits there is “rampant misogyny” within rock music.

The 1975 frontman had come under fire for recent comments in which he hit out at hip hop and “Soundcloud rap” while he was quoted as saying the same kind of sexism “doesn’t happen in rock and roll anymore”.

However, he has now taking to Twitter and said: “Just to clarify I said that misogyny wasn’t ALLOWED in rock and roll now days in a way it is in hip hop – not that it doesn’t exist, that’s maybe a misquote as I’m aware of the misogyny in rocknroll.

“I would never deny the RAMPANT misogyny that exists in Rock n Roll. It’s everywhere and has been a weirdly accepted part of it since it’s inception.

“BUT now looking at what I said – I was simplifying a complex issue without the right amount of education on the subject. (sic)”

The 29-year-old musician defended his ignorance while pointed out he does “actively” work to “support women” but admitted he is still uninformed in some areas.

He continued: “Think cos I’m so actively trying to support women (not a brag but with the record label etc) I kinda forget that im not very educated on feminism and misogyny and I cant just ‘figure stuff out’ in public and end up trivialising the complexities of such enormous, experienced issues.

“So basically, I’m sorry for saying that as I was wrong. And thanks for pointing out cos if I’m gonna do this I have to keep learning…

“Just to clarify I’m not apologising for saying ‘rock music is void of misogyny’. I didn’t say that. Any body who says that is not only thick as f**k they most probably don’t have physical eyes. It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. (sic)”

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