Marty Friedman: What Made Me Want to Play Guitar

Marty Friedman was asked by Scene about the very beginnings of his musical journey, to which he replied:

“I was 14, and I wanted to play sports but I didn’t have the right body type.

“I was more of the body type for a musician or a drug addict. I decided to go with the musician because it’s a lot healthier.

“When I saw KISS, that made me take a left turn and I decided right then and there that rock music is the way to go. The concert was on their Rock and Roll Over Tour. It was in Washington, D.C. at the Capital Centre.”

Asked if he ever met the KISS guys, Marty replied:

“A million times. I worked with Gene Simmons and met Paul Stanley a few times. Being a kid who was a fan and eventually meeting them was an honor.

“I didn’t meet them so much as a fan but as someone working with them. I did a movie with Gene Simmons in Japan, and I did a thing with Gene in L.A., and Paul and Gene hosted an event that I played at once. It’s a cool way to meet your idols.”

Asked about the development of his guitar style, Friedman replied:

“It just kind of happened. A very important part of my playing is to never repeat myself. That becomes more and more challenge after you release 13 albums.

“I’m constantly challenging myself and that forces you to come up with stranger and more exotic things. I’m lucky I have that motivation.

“By nature, I’m kind of a lazy bastard. That motivation makes me want to explore the music I want to make. That’s why there are different facets to my playing that thankfully people pick up on and enjoy.”

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