Man played his guitar through seven-hour brain surgery

An Indian man has been filmed casually strumming his guitar as surgeons operated on his brain during a seven-hour surgery.

Abhishek Prasad, 37, was being treated for a neurological condition that caused his fingers to cramp, rendering his hands useless.

According to Asian News International, shortly after the man left his job to pursue his musical passions full time, he began to get severe pain in his fingers.

He had been practicing up to four hours a day and it took doctors some time to determine the issue was not with his hands themselves, but with his nerves.

“I thought maybe it is because of fatigue, I am playing too much, this is happening. So I took a break for some time, 15 or 20 days, but it did not help,” Prasad said.

He spent ten months looking for answers, visiting a range of orthopedic and hand surgeons, but no-one was able to help with his condition.

Finally, in August last year, a neurologist gave him the answers he needed, diagnosing him with a condition called focal dystonia.

“I became very happy that at least now I know what is the problem,” he said, however, he said his “heart broke” when he was told it was incurable.

Eventually, another doctor, who trained in Japan, got in touch and said he could fix it with a relatively minor brain surgery — the first of its kind attempted in India.

During the procedure, surgeons drilled into Prasad’s skull and attached an electrode to his brain to determine exactly what they needed to fix.

They then created a small burn, to fuse several parts together.

The guitar proved vital to the operation.

“The doctor had told be before only that you need to get a guitar in [the] operation theater, [he said] I need a continuous feedback from you,” Prasad said.

“Because as and when he is making the burns inside my brain, that shows some difference in my fingers, so that was a part of the procedure.”

He’s thrilled to be able to play his beloved instrument again.

“Once I got through the surgery, I played my guitar for half an hour.”

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