Mac DeMarco let a fan play his guitar during a performance

During Mac DeMarco’s set at Lowlands Festival in the Netherlands, the artist brought a kid on stage to play a song with him. The fan was holding up a sign that read: “Hey Mac, may I play a song with you?”

“What part do you want to play?” we hear DeMarco ask in the video above. “The cords,” the kid, who introduces himself as Dice, responds. DeMarco hands him his guitar and they began “Freaking Out The Neighourhood.” When the kid perfectly takes over the chords, Mac’s face is overtaken with a huge smile. Without his guitar, DeMarco uses his free hands to swing the mic around his head while dancing and smoke a cigarette.

Head-bobbing to the rhythm, the fan seems right at home on stage with the rest of DeMarco’s band, and gets huge applause at the end of the song. Watch a clip of the performance above.

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