‘Lone guitar’ makes a stop off in Hull as it travels the world connecting strangers

They say music connects people all around the world.

And that couldn’t be more true for the “Lone Guitar” which has come from Italy’s historic Pisa to the UK’s cultural capital of Hull.

The instrument has travelled 1,126 miles after being spotted leaning up against the wall of a walkway in Pisa by Hull man Shane McMurray.

On it was a note, which read: “Hello, I’m the lone guitar. I want to travel the world! Please take me with you for a few days, then leave me for someone else to continue the journey”.

The guitar was left leaning against a statue in Pisa

Mr McMurray heeded the call and decided to take the instrument back with him to Hull.

He said: “I was on holiday in Pisa when I was walking through a little walkway. I noticed this little lad having his photo taken with a guitar.”

Mr McMurray went up to the guitar and read the note on it, which had an email address on it asking him to take a picture and send them to it.

He said: “All that was on the guitar was the message and a contact email address.

“My first thought was if I leave that in the middle of town then it’s going to end up in someone’s living room.

Shane McMurray playing the lone guitar before bringing it to Hull
Shane McMurray playing the lone guitar before bringing it to Hull

“I thought I could justify taking it from a beautiful city like Pisa and bringing it to the city of culture.

“I thought it was a really good idea. It’s a cheap guitar but now it has become much more than a guitar leaning against a wall. Someone had this idea and it affected me.”

Mr McMurray sent a message to the email address on the guitar explaining that he had found it and taken it back to Hull.

The account replied telling him to send pictures to the same address. He did this and also posted a video of him playing a song on it, which was posted on Facebook.

The guitar is believed to be in the early stages of its global journey but is already on its way to another exciting destination.

Mr McMurray has handed it over his friend who will then take it to Copenhagen in Denmark.

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