Liam Gallagher Speaks Out Against Current Crop of Rock Stars «

By Hayden Wright

Britpop’s prickly elder statesman Liam Gallagher recently lashed out at what he sees as inauthenticity in current rock music. The Oasis vocalist feels strongly that today’s rock stars care too much about appearances to really make great music.

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“I love music as much as anyone,” he said in an interview with an Irish radio station, refusing to name names. “What I see going down is that I’m just ‘leave it out mate, you can do better than that’. I can’t tell a guitar band from a pop band these days. They’ve got guitars around their necks, but I don’t hear guitars. You hear all these bands saying that they’re coming back to save guitar music – but I might not be the smartest tool in the shed – but I know you’ve got to put a guitar on a  record to save guitar music…and I don’t hear any guitars.

Liam has a theory about why the unnamed rockers wear guitars.

“They’ve got guitars around their necks because they go with their shoes.”

Furthermore, Liam detests the “beige dribble” that he reads in rock magazine interviews.

“That’s what I’m here for and to speak my mind,” he said. “You read these interviews with so-called rock stars and they need to get off the fence. Nothing interesting ever comes out of their mouths, it’s just beige dribble. They’re afraid to open their mouths in case their little career falls apart, so they just sit there like those football managers and say the same thing. Come on, give us a bit of passion.”

Well, it’s a nice change from him dissing his brother.

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