Learning Guitar is No Longer For Prodigies

Ever since I was a little headbanger, I always wanted to learn how to shred like a beast on an electric guitar. Impressing someone with my awesome electric skills or melting a girl’s heart with an acoustic ax always appeals to a young man.

The main issue of learning to play guitar is that there are so many notes to learn and it can be rather overwhelming to try and understand what all those strings and screws can do. Then there are amps, pedals, and of course endless practicing to reach the level of talent you desire.

For me, watching “how to” tapes on guitar playing can be so boring that you need a cup of coffee just to get through the introduction of “how neat” it is to play guitar. Any instructor that is mildly interesting tends to charge an arm and a leg just to learn the basics.

With all the technology that surrounds us, it was only a matter of time before we would be able to use it to help us learn to do this leisurely activity or even our next dream career. It is no surprise that Fender, the musical innovators themselves, advanced themselves into the 21st century.


It just eases you in

Most learning tools, whether it be learning a new language or cooking for the first time, teaches you the basics first because they assume you know nothing about the topic. What Fender does, is throw you into the fray by showing you a variety of riffs and teaching you basics along the way which is a great way to learn.

The program is called Fender Play and it can be used through desktop or mobile devices to help you learn on either electric guitar or acoustic, which you will choose at the very beginning of your program.

Instead of being dragged through classes you have no interests in, Fender Play has you choose a genre of music to focus on: rock, pop, folk, country, and blues. This is a unique method of teaching because you’re not only learning songs, but a style altogether.

This program was designed by a mix of accomplished music instructors and educational advisers. This hybrid of developers make these music classes not only musically sound but also focus on a proven teaching method.

A couple of extras

The program is currently offering a free 30-day trial and will be around twenty bones a month after that. This is a great offer because I personally partake in trial periods for products that seem like they are for me, but end up being mediocre.

The subscription gives you the classes, hundreds of actual songs by real artists to learn (not just generic tunes like “Hot Cross Buns”), and a veritable ecosystem of tools.

The tools include Fender Tone and Fender Tune as part of the kit. Fender Tone is designed to coincide with Fender amps for optimal sound performance and settings. Fender Tune is an app to aide in the proper tuning of your instrument which is vital for any music student.

As someone who is exceptionally unambidextrous, I am definitely going to try this program for at least a month. I’ve always wanted to melt faces and if they can’t help then nobody can.



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