Lakefront Music Fest gets hot on rock night | Community

Lakefront Park is usually a good place for a quiet walk, but not when Lakefront Music Fest rolls around. The entire park was booming the evening of July 14, awash in stage lights and the ambient smell of frying cheese curds.

Lakefront Music Fest 2017 kicked off with warm, sunny weather and three bass-busting rock music acts. First, there was Kat Perkins, who got her start performing in the Twin Cities and said she was happy to be playing a “hometown show.” Next was the Mowgli’s, with some peppy indie-rock tunes and energetic stage work. Finally, around 10 p.m., it was time for the headliner: The Fray, best known for their mid-to-late-2000s hits, “How to Save a Life,” “Over My Head” and “You Found Me.” The crowd was packing in and even getting a little rambunctious by the time the sun set and the final band took the stage.

Many of the audience members were from right there in town, but a few people said they came in from the Twin Cities or even Montrose, Minn. to get a piece of rock night. As is customary, many of the rockers wore lots of black, a bit of leather and a whole mess of flannel, much of which was worn tied around the waist during the heat of the evening.

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