Korn’s Davis: I Was So Mad at Head for His Born-Again Christian Bullshit, I Hate the Church!


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Frontman Jonathan Davis talked about guitarist Brian “Head” Welch’s 2005 departure from Korn, telling Independent:

“It fucking killed us! It was like losing a family member and for him to go that way, the born-again Christian bullshit? I was fucking mad!

“I really dislike the church and the assimilation tactics that a lot of born-again Christians use.

“If people want religion in their life, they’ll go and find it themselves.

“You don’t need to go shoving it down people’s fucking throats and it seems to me like that religion is all about saying, ‘You’re a piece of shit if you’re not one of us!’

“Now I look back and I understand that he needed to do that; if he hadn’t found something other than drugs, he was going to end up dead.

“I respect all people’s beliefs but it took me a long time to let that shit go!”

head baptized korn
Head baptized in the Jordan river weeks after quitting Korn

Focusing on the current status of Korn, Davis added:

“I remember our old tour manager saying, ‘All this shit goes in waves. You’ll have high points, you’ll have low points but you’ve just got to ride those waves and eventually it’ll all come back around again. If you survive and get back up to that high-point again, you solidify your legacy and you’ll keep riding that wave for a long time.’

“So I think we’re at that point now, it’s come around full circle. This band’s always been the underdog, we’ve always been the black sheep and I’m fine with that.”

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