KISS to Retire Soon, Gene Simmons Says


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Gene Simmons said that after nearly 45 years, the end seems to be near for the KISS gang, telling Glasgow Live:

“We’re the hardest-working band in show business.

“I wear over 40 pounds (18 kg) of studs and armor and all that stuff, 7-inch platform heels, spit fire and have to fly through the air and do all that stuff.

“If Bono or Jagger – who we all love – had to dress up and do what I do, they couldn’t last an hour – they just couldn’t.

“In hindsight, it would have been smarter to be a U2 or The Stones, to wear some sneakers and a t-shirt and you’re comfortable. No, we had to do it the hard way.

“So we’re not gonna be able to do it into our 70s, and I’m 67 now.

“We’ll do it for a few more years, and then when we think it’s time to go, we’ll go, and we’ll do it the right way, with a big party.

“I’d like to think that we would do something that rocks the planet – something big and worldwide and maybe free.”

It is worth noting that both Gene and Paul agreed that it’s possible for KISS to continue without them, hence Simmons could just be saying that it’s the end of the road for him and Stanley, and not the band as a whole.

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