Kid Rock dines in Old Town Saginaw; will he play KCQ Country Music Fest?


SAGINAW, MI — Michigan-native Kid Rock dined at an Old Town restaurant Friday evening and social media is abuzz about if he’s going to make a special appearance at a free country music festival a few blocks away.

Paul Barrera Sr., owner of Jake’s Old City Grill where Kid Rock dined, said the rocker was in town for magician David Blaine’s show that night at Saginaw’s Dow event center. Barrera said the magician and the musician are pals.

But this weekend is also the KCQ Country Music Fest on Objiway Island. Barrera said Kid Rock didn’t make any mention of the annual fest, which draws thousands to town.

A photo of Kid Rock at Jake’s circulating Facebook had many users asking whether he’ll show up at the country music festival.

“Wonder if he will be at music fest today,” one user said.

“They say he may show up at the country music fest today,” another posted.

Representatives for Kid Rock and the KCQ Country Music Fest were not immediately available to comment on whether the rumors are substantiated.

According to Barrera, Kid Rock dined around 6:30 p.m. Friday on the Michigan lake perch dinner, a favorite of the owner’s, at the 100 S. Hamilton restaurant.

Though the names escape him, Barrera said it’s not the first time Jake’s has entertained high-profile guests.

“They chose us because they can reasonably enjoy the meal in anonymity,” he said. “We do our best to make it enjoyable for whoever you are. We’ll treat you like a rock star.”

As for being starstruck, Barrera said it’s all in a day’s work.

“There’s a warm and fuzzy feeling without question,” Barrera said. “We don’t fawn over the person, we just respect that they chose us and go about doing our job.”


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