Joe Satriani: I Don’t Like Guitar Clinics


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Joe Satriani discussed his upcoming 5-day G4 Experience Camp during an Ultimate Classic Rock interview, saying:

“One of the really nice things about it is that I get to control parts of what I didn’t like about one-on-one teaching and the clinic situation.

“I was never good at clinics and I never liked clinics.

“They were kind of like micro-concerts – showing off. You can’t really teach, you know?

“When you’re doing the one-on-one teaching thing, you really do need a couple of months of sitting down with somebody, investigating what they’re good at, what they’re not good at and developing a plan.

“The fact that you’re doing it over a period of months in itself can sort of put a drag on the creative mind for both the student and teacher.

“With this format, it’s kind of like a holiday. So the mindset changes. They’re not rushed, because they’re there for four or five days.

“But they know that this is not going to be months and months and years and years. They know that so much is going to happen.

“They’re not stuck with one teacher. They’ve got like eight or something. Besides the four G4 guys, there’s other staff of teachers like Doug Doppler or Stig Mathisen – amazing players who not only do they deliver original teaching content everyday throughout the day and during the jams.

“But they’re also doing follow-ups for what any of the G4 guys had gone over during their master classes that needed further explanation.

“It’s a combination of a holiday, a concert, the best clinic you’ve ever been to, some hands on one-on-one, and then there’s just that whole thing about hanging out with other guitar players that is priceless.

“It’s the kind of things that a lot of guitar players don’t do, because they’re more guarded about their tricks.”

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