Joe Bonamassa: What’s My Favorite Guitar of All Time

Joe Bonamassa was asked on the Sixx Sense show on what his favorite guitar of all time is, to which he replied (transcribed by UG):

“My desert island guitar… I’m a Gibson guy, I’ve always been a Gibson guy.

“You can rule the world with a Gibson Les Paul, in any shape or form.

“It doesn’t have to be a super expensive one; and to me, that’s always been – if that’s all I had to play…

“I used to know guys back in my hometown, in upstate New York, they had one guitar, and they would get so many sounds out of it, because that’s all they had.

“They would manifest that stuff out of the ether. I think sometimes if you have too many options, and you’re a glutton for choice, I think sometimes the music suffers.

“It’s like being in a studio with every plug-in, and every option. ‘Hey, let’s try the Telefunken mic from 1947.’

“Howlin’ Wolf had a mic, and an hour time.”

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