Is this George Harrison’s first guitar? Now you can get your hands on it

Is this George Harrison’s first ever guitar?

The dusty instrument surfaced after spending more than half a century being hidden in a Cheshire cupboard.

Until now, it was believed his oldest surviving guitar was an Egmond, which was auctioned off to an anonymous buyer in the mid 1980s.

George’s mother Louise helped the 14-year-old buy the Egmond from a school friend for £3, after the family moved to a council house in Speke. With his mother’s encouragement, George mastered the beginner’s guitar after a few months and asked for a new one.

A guitar owned by George Harrison is being sold at auction

Louise saw her son’s musical flair and saved up until she could afford a Hofner President. The President was a middle-of-the-range electric guitar and cost Louise around £30, and was a step up from his primitive Egmond.

A year later, still aged 14, Harrison joined school pal John Lennon’s band ‘The Quarrymen’, on Paul McCartney’s recommendation.Lennon was unconvinced by George’s ability to begin with, but allowed him to remain in the band.

After changing the band’s genre from skiffle to rock and roll, all but Lennon, McCartney, and Harrison left and two years later, in 1960, they renamed the band The Beatles.

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The Harrisons moved to Appleton, near Warrington, to escape the intrusive fans. Louise saw her neighbour George Rawlinson on their moving day and gifted him Harrison’s old guitar.

Rawlinson kept the guitar ever since but it is now up for auction.

The basic learner guitar is thought to precede all other known guitars owned and used by George Harrison.

It is being sold by Cheshire Auctioneers on June 24.

For more information contact The Auction Centre on 01928 579796.

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