Incubus, Jimmy Eat World, rock Blossom Music Center

CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio — The booming guitar riffs of Jimmy Eat World and Incubus reverberated through the Blossom Music Center pavilion Tuesday night in a show that pleased fans of both groups.

Judah & the Lion opened for the pop punk and alt rockers.

Jimmy Eat World stole the show with their upbeat and dance-inducing brand of pop punk, treating Blossom to their most bouyant tunes.

However, most fans came to see Incubus Tuesday.

Incubus fans have seen the group’s live performances improve through the years, as lead singer Brandon Boyd has polished his once screeching voice.

But not all of their music is conducive to a concert setting, as it is often slow and without much of a hook. The band’s most dedicated followers might adore their slower and more methodical tunes, but casual fans find themselves checking their phones until the group plays something that rocks a little harder.

Their concert wasn’t without its highlights. Below are a few of them.

Take My Pain Away

This is one of Jimmy Eat World’s most intense songs, and it gives the band a chance to heave massive helpings of emotion onto its audience in the form of bleeding guitar riffs and passionate vocals.

Crimson and Clover

Jimmy Eat World’s sound hasn’t changed a great deal since their music first hit mainstream rock stations in the 90s. Fortunately for them and their fans it hasn’t needed to. This classic song proved one of their most popular of the evening.

The Middle

Receiving extensive radio play during the band’s heyday, this is arguably Jimmy Eat World’s most popular song, and remains a staple of their live shows. They gave the crowd exactly what they wanted Tuesday night when they ended their set with this song.


Incubus’ fastest and perhaps most radio friendly song came early in their set, getting the audience out of their chairs and their hands into the air. With a thrillingly aggressive chorus and a punishingly swift melody, it’s easy to see why so many wanted to hear it.

I Wish You Were Here

This is a slow and methodical Incubus tune, with DJ scratching at his turntable in a deliberate fashion to compliment the down-tempo instrumentals. It stood out when they concluded the song with the opening stanza from the Pink Floyd tune of the same name, causing the crowd to roar in approval when they realized what happening.

Pardon Me

This is an eclectic tune, with Boyd’s rapid fire, hip-hopesque verses serving as a stark contrast to the steady chorus. The verses see him almost scatting, and the crowd ate it up Tuesday night.

Nice to Know You

Incubus captured the audience attention at the beginning of this song by doing what they do best, churning out thunderously loud guitar riffs and intense vocals. This tune was a crowd favorite.


Bass player Ben Kenney briefly captured fans’ attention with a short solo, crooning with his bass guitar and displaying a musical finesse not often seen among alt rock bassists. It’s too bad he doesn’t get the spotlight more often.

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