Guitars Made From Random Objects

Our favorite scene in the ‘It might Get Loud’ documentary is the one where Jack White builds a diddly bow out of a piece of wood and a Coke bottle. ‘Who says you need to buy a guitar?’ We agree.

The Lego Guitar

This guitar was made by Italian luthier Nicola Pavan. Apart from the neck, electronics, and hardware, the body is made entirely of Lego and without any glue between the various blocks.

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The Edible Tortilla Guitar

Atlanta Props designed an edible guitar from the large homemade chip and traditional electric guitar pieces. The chip is large enough to hold volume knobs, the bridge, and the pickups. Here is a video where you can watch Atlanta Props guy make and play the chip guitar before smashing it on the ground.

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The Guitar Made of Mobile Phones

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Music apps inspired this dude to get creative and design his Phone Guitar. The instrument consists of 2 Android devices, 2 Windows Mobile devices, and 1 iPod Touch taped together on a piece of wood, a battery powered speaker and lots of audio cables.

The Lap Skate Guitar

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Architects Marcelo Arteaga and Sarah Valente assembled a guitar using a skateboard deck. The instrument produces mellow sounds similar to Lap Steel Guitar.

To be fair, they didn’t invent the thing. There are a lot of much cooler looking skateboard guitars in the world.

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The Functioning Shotgun Guitar

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Pickup designer Bryan Fleming built a guitar out of a fully functioning shotgun. Brian took his a 12 caliber shotgun and added three strings to it. There is a strong bluegrass feel to it, don’t you think?

The Shovel Guitar

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The most famous musician who uses the shovel guitar is Isaac “Shovelman” Frankle. He calls himself a junkyard beatnik and a shovel guitar wielding surrealist folk superhero. And here is a video tutorial on how to make a one string shovel guitar:

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The Sega Mega Drive Guitar

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Created by Daniel Wallis from Devil & Sons , the guitar is built from reconditioned Megadrives. The Segacaster packs a 25.5″ scale neck, complete with Space Invaders inlays, plus a hardtail bridge, cartridge-esque lipstick single coil pickup, and Genesis-faithful red-and-black headstock. The original volume slider is entirely functional. An additional knob controls the guitar’s tone.

The Boat Guitar

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Australian singer-songwriter Josh Pyke commissioned fellow-Australian guitar-smiths Maton to build a boat shaped like an acoustic guitar. The boat was featured in Pyke’s ‘Make You Happy’ music video. It’s been a popular feature at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney’s Darling Harbour ever since.

The C64 Bass Guitar

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One of the 1980s best-selling home computers was the Commodore 64. Jeri Ellsworth, allegedly, found one in her garage and got inspired to transform it into a four-string synth hybrid called the C64 Bass. She purchased a cheap bass guitar and removed the wings from the body to leave a central block and neck. You can watch the complete creation process and the final result in the video.

The Millennium Falcon Guitar

Brian Fisk used a Power of the Force Millennium Falcon toy to create this guitar.

Fisk said, ‘The building process took quite a long time. I had no experience building a guitar, so I had to learn everything as I worked. This resulted in nearly every part of the guitar being made several times until I finally got it right. It was a long process of trial and error. The entire project took about three months of building in the evenings after work. It started with a blank guitar neck and a Power of the Force Millennium Falcon plastic toy. The biggest challenge was finding a way to mount the neck to the Millennium Falcon body in a way that didn’t destroy the plastic material under the pressure of the guitar strings. This was achieved by constructing a hardwood support system on the inside of the toy body that attached to the guitar neck. The other challenge was making sure everything lined up in a way that both looked pleasing and allowed the guitar to sound halfway decent. It’s true the guitar isn’t the world’s best sounding instrument, but I was thrilled with the way it turned out considering the materials it was made from.’

The Triumph Dolomite Hubcaps Guitar

This is a three string hubcap guitar built around a pair of Triumph Dolomite hubcaps, and a Fender Telecaster neck pickup.

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