Guitar Pull presale tickets bring in mass crowd for a good cause

Augusta, Georgia (WJBF) – 19th annual Guitar Pull brings in lines trailing down the road as tickets go on sale at the James Brown Arena.

When NewsChannel 6 first arrived at the James Brown Arena, lines were down the road as people waited hours and even days for these golden tickets to go on sale. We even spoke with some people who had been waiting in those lines since Tuesday.

“We’ve been out here exactly for about three or four days at the most,” said Latache Nelson, Lives in Augusta.

“We’ve been camped out since Tuesday morning to obtain tickets for 19th guitar pull, which is a charity local united way kids,” said Cindy Papalski, Lives in Aiken, S.C.

“I originally started doing this last year and I just had so much fun doing it” Lindsey Key- Lives in Aiken, S.C

The 19th annual Guitar Pull is back, and that means fans, long lines, and even art work while everyone waits to get their tickets.

“I just love drawing so much and some old friends of ours, they had chalk and I asked them if I could use the chalk and them I stated drawing with blue and then I’m like, ‘oh I have an idea,” said Lindsey Key, Lives in Aiken, S.C.

People even talked about their experience after staying outside for days to get tickets.

“It’s like you’re out here like one big family, and you’re here each year with alot of the same people,” said Cindy Papalski, Lives in Aiken, S.C.

“We also have been able to bond with other people and other families and get to know other people so it’s been real interesting and real life changing,” said Latache Nelson, Lives in Augusta.

After going on sale this morning, tickets will not be available online. You have to win them through radio statoin Kicks 99.
People say alot of memories have been made and they hope to be apart of the Guitar Pull next year.

“It’s nice because it kinda prepares you for some things you know learning how to communicate with other people in your community, branching of into your neighbors so to speak because some of the people we know live up the street from us. So it was real interesting to like be there, sleep there, eat there, you know break bread it was just great,” said Latache Nelson, Lives in Augusta.

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