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Hey, everyone!

September is coming and though many of you are not students anymore it’s never too late to learn how to play the guitar!
So to celebrate the beginning of a new academic year we decided to give away 10 Guitar Accessory Packs with awesome prizes provided by our sponsors. 

Here are the items what will be included in the pack:

ELIXIR Electric Nickel Plated Steel with OPTIWEB Coating

The key innovation behind the OPTIWEB™ Coating is a proprietary process that produces a lightweight coating, which not only protects the string from the elements for longer tone life, but also allows the string to vibrate with less damping – for a crisp tone with a firm, natural grip, putting you in control of bends, vibrato and sustain.

Uncoated strings are popular for their crisp tone, natural feel and playable grip, which come at the expense of tone life. Dirt, sweat, oils and air can quickly drain the life from a guitar string, making more frequent changes necessary, which can be both inconvenient and costly.

Ok, that all sounds good in theory. But one of the main pain points is the sound. Guys from ELIXIR compared OPTIWEB Coated strings to uncoated strings during play-testing and published the results on their website. You can compare the sound of coated and uncoated strings on the ELIXIR website.

Korg PC1 Pitchclip Clip-on Chromatic Tuner

Korg PC1 Pitchclip Clip-on Chromatic Tuner is a simple, convenient clip-on style chromatic tuner with a compact, lightweight, and discreet design. The clear, bright, and easy-to-read LED display reverses to assure easy viewing when mounted on either side of the headstock.

Boastingfastpitch detection and processing, accuracy with ±1 cent, and a detection range from A0 to C8, the Korgpitchclip outperforms many of the clip-on tuners on the market today. By locating the battery compartment in the clip itself, the display unit has become discreet, lightweight, and articulate. Thepitchclip’s high-contrast LED display can be inverted, assuring clear visibility when mounted in front of or behind the headstock on any instrument – classical guitar, electric bass, ukulele, etc. 

Minotaur Guitar Straps

Minotaur is a Greek company that makes custom straps for guitar. For example, they came make one with a name of your band or your initials. Every Minotaur strap is designed to be comfortable, durable, and fashionable. 

All of this comes with a set of picks with UG logo.

Enter to win

So yes, all you gotta do is to enter your e-mail and keep your fingers crossed.

But wait there’s more!

A new UG IQ Contest is on its way and 3users  from UG IQ Contest will also get the packs, but with two extra items – a guitar case and an amp! 

Blake Guitar Case

A case that is in keeping with the acoustic guitarist’s lifestyle, the Traveller offers reinforced side panels as well as front and back support. This is a “soft” case that will actually protect an acoustic guitar. All Dreadnought and Jumbo sizes are covered. There are even removable inserts that make it possible to house smaller bodied Orchestra Model/Grand Auditorium sized acoustic guitars.



VOX MINI amp packs a massive amount of features into a compact and portable package. Complete with the iconic looks of classic VOX amplifiers, VOX MINI amps are a great practice solution while you’re on the road and provide an easy and stylish way to take your music to the street. Available in both 3 and 5 Watt varieties, VOX MINI amps feature multiple expertly voiced amp models and several high-quality on-board effects!

So you better grab your guitars and start preparing for the next UG IQ contest that starts this Sunday!

Good luck, everyone!

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