Green Day criticism as acrobat falls to his death at music festival

Audience captures the moments before acrobat falls to his death at music festival at Mad Cool Festival in Madrid on Friday night.

UPDATE: The lead singer of American punk band Green Day says that had the band known an acrobat had died just before their Spain show started they probably would have cancelled their gig.

Spanish acrobat Pedro Aunion Monroy fell to his death while performing at the Mad Cool Festival in Madrid on Friday night.

Monroy fell about 30m from a box suspended above the stage by a crane during the rock music festival.

Mad Cool festival organisers expressed their condolences to the acrobat’s family in a statement on Saturday, saying they regretted the “terrible accident”.

Protesters shout outside the entrance of the Caja Magica where the Mad Cool festival took place. A Green Day concert was not suspended despite the death of an acrobat in Madrid.Picture: AP

The organisers said they decided not to cancel the performance by American rock group Green Day after the accident on Friday night “for security reasons”.

Green Day later took to Twitter to comment on the incident: “We just got off stage at Mad Cool Festival to disturbing news. A very brave artist named Pedro lost his life tonight in a tragic accident.”

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong has since issued a statement regarding Monroy’s death, after the band copped criticism for playing despite the tragedy.

Armstrong said he and his bandmates were not informed of Monroy’s death until after their two-and-a-half hour set had finished.

Armstrong voiced his condolences to Monroy’s friends and family and all festival-goers and said if the band had known of the death, Green Day’s performance probably would have been cancelled.

“If we had known prior to our performance we most likely would not have played at all,” Armstrong wrote.

“We are not heartless people. The safety and wellbeing at any of our concerts absolutely comes first.”

The Caja Magica gig marked the final stop on the European leg of Green Day’s Revolution Radio Tour.

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