Gadsden musician still searching for one of a kind guitar after theft

GADSDEN, Ala. (WIAT) — A Gadsden musician is searching for a one-of-a-kind guitar stolen from his van after a performance. Russ Rosser has been performing across Central Alabama for years as a “one man band.”

Using equipment he fashioned himself, he plays guitar, percussion, and provides main and harmonizing vocals. The guitar he built was vital for that.

“The question always comes up, well, do you have another one,” said Rosser.

“No, this is the only one in the universe. Well, what would it take to replace it? And i’m just rolling my eyes, so now i’m trying to confront that question, what does it take to replace it. It’s daunting.”

He hasn’t seen the guitar since a performance in late May, when he parked his van in the parking lot of a store, then went inside. By the time he came back out, someone had driven the van, with all his equipment inside, away.

“They left my hand tools and my power tools. These weren’t the kind of people who were interested in fixing something or building anything or creating anything,” Rosser said.

Police located the van in Homewood, recovered some of the property stolen from Rosser, and arrested a man in connection with the theft. They still haven’t recovered two of Rosser’s guitars, including the one he custom made for his performances.

Since the theft, Rosser has been unable to schedule or perform new gigs. He’s still trying to figure out the process to rebuild what he’s lost. Friends have set up a fundraiser through Facebook to help him raise the money he needs. You can find it online at

If you have any information about the thefts or know where to find Rosser’s guitar, contact the Gadsden Police Department.


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