Foo Fighters rock the Pyramid Stage, and Stormzy makes festival history

Liam Gallagher will be appearing on the Other Stage in just a few minutes, but the former Oasis frontman has been avoiding the other acts this year. Chatting to Radio 2’s Jo Whiley this afternoon, he revealed that the only Glastonbury act he saw was Dizzee Rascal – whom he watched on TV, before switching over to reality show Love Island.

He also criticised his brother Noel for not coming to the One Love Manchester charity concert, to raise funds for the victims of the recent terrorist attack. “If he turned up there with this guitar, do you think they’d have sent him away?” he said. “He should have done it.”

Liam is looking forward to his set this afternoon. “”This is my last chance to really do summat,” he said, hinting that this could be his last Glastonbury appearance. “I’m proper, proper excited. I’ve done everything. I’ve prepared mentally for it, and physically for it… I’ve just been chilling, not been smoking, not been drinking.”And how did he prepare mentally? “Well, I’m mental full stop.”

A few highlights from their chat:

On stagefright: “People who get scared should go and work in a post office.”

On the perfect length for a show: “Rock and roll gigs should be about an hour, and hour and a half at the max.”

On why he probably won’t return to Glastonbury (and Beady Eye’s problems): “I wouldn’t come again. Done Oasis, done Beady Eye – and that didn’t really connect… it has to move people. In hindsight, we [he and his Beady Eye bandmates] probably should have had a break after Oasis.”

On why he hasn’t  spoken to Noel lately:  “I haven’t got his number.”

What disguise would he wear to mingle with Glastonbury festival-goers? “[I’d dress as] a  nun. But I’d still get collared. I’ve got the walk, you know? I’d probably go rob Michael Eavis’s house… I’d get in there and nick his expensive cutlery.”

How has he spent the weekend? “I watched Dizzee Rascal from me room. And then I watched Love Island. I’ve had four years of doing nothing, and I’ve got to do something, so I’ve gone to the dark side – and Love Island it is.”

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